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Its 1am by my time now and am up as usual because of my hard working alarm clock. As I sit on the sofa in the sitting room with a cold glass of juice, I reminisce about my wasted years regardless of my low sense of humour. After publishing a couple of articles,today I feel I should inspire some upcoming artistes by sharing my ideas with them.

Music is all about vocals, instrument and sounds combined in a pleasing way to give a pleasant melody. Music is a life time business; in fact, music is the most commercial business in the universe.
Music is a career and could also be seen as an occupation, people are making thousands, millions and even building mansions through music. One basic thing in life is to know what your doing, You might spend time doing the wrong things perfectly, but you might not achieve from it. I don’t think it is compulsory to study music but howbeit you should know a bit of what you’re going into. Am not saying you should compel yourself into music. NO! Music is a God giving talent, your duty is to nurture and utilize it.

For those into reggae, you must not scream into the microphone and make everything noisy. Listen to the late  kings of reggae, Lucky Dube and Bob Marley, and you’ll get the idea am expressing.

In addition,It’s doesn’t matter who started before you, or how, where and when you started,its your hardwork and commitment that will tell. Strive hard,your future is not guarantee,your future is a reward,don’t wait to get better before you try, it’s the more you try the better you get. Don’t be shy, be versatile, learn to be substantive (it means existing in reality) Stay abject because pride is the way down. Never debase yourself, but instead, encourage and motivate yourself, assail and be an assailant of your dreams. NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR UNIMPORTANT OF WHAT WE ARE DOING, IF WE PUT MORE EFFORT IT MAY BECOME A STEP THAT WILL LEAD US TO OUR BETTER DAYS.

As an upcoming artiste aiming to get more downloads and shares, try as much as possible not to debut a single singing about girls,clubs etc. Don’t title a song and sing a different thing from its title. I feel why most people don’t give ears to upcoming artistes is because they feel everyone is singing the same thing, maybe about girls etc. Be creative,listen to good music, make out time to listen to other upcoming artiste too, but don’t mortify anyone, rather learn to rapport, let people around you know what your into, be munificent, avail to any opportunity and maximize opportunity too. be plucky, life is a race, crowds are running after you, if you slack or fall you’ll be overtaken and no one will pick you or wait for you. Be consistent, GETTING TO THE TOP IS DIFFICULT BUT STAYING ON TOP IS MORE DIFFICULT. We know the journey of a man is not easy,but God’s special Grace will take us to our destination

In conclusion,Stop attaching or depending on another man’s work, you were born alone, no one was attached to you. The arrival of money is the departure of insult because there is no dignity in begging. Life is not a rehearsal ground, life is a battle field,so be violent because there is no gentleman at the warfront. Time is no longer on our side, time is like a killer disease, therefore, we must kill time in rehearsing or exercise because no one excels in anything without exercise. Take responsibility for your mistakes, don’t  live above your standard.

As an artist you should have professionals and a powerful team who are ready to push you to the top. It is essential that you have the following:
          •A mentor & a coach
         •Room for sound checks
         •Room for critics/criticism

Above all,We should allow our educational suave to reflect on our lyrics in other to charm the soul, Music requires your 80/90 percent of education for easy interaction, etc. On the contrary, music never prevents you from schooling or looking irresponsible. THE WORTH OF A MAN IS NOT IN HIS DRESS BUT IN HIS ADDRESS. Your worth is in your value to men not in the things you put on. Responsibility is the prize for greatness. The wisdom of a man makes his face shine,grab knowledge,be smart in order to get likes from your fans.

Remember forward ever backward never,don’t give up,pay no attention to Gossips,I promise you this,you’ll make it there.

                             Kelvin Moses(@Realkbliz)
                             Port Harcourt


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