DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Rita Ora – Phoenix

We’ve long pondered Rita Ora’s whereabouts. After the British talent dropped her debut album in 2012, many wondered whether she was on the verge of becoming a pop music mainstay. She certainly had the charisma, charm, and voice to ensure dominance, though for whatever reason, ubiquity fell through the cracks.

Now, six years later, Ora has finally come through with her sophomore project, the aptly titled Phoenix. Of course, one will immediately refer to the metaphorical nature of the oft-utilized mystical bird; rising from the ashes and whatnot, which speaks volumes about Rita’s current mindset.

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Those with little to no patience for the pop realm will find little comfort here. Yet those with a fondness for glossy production, uptempo radio bangers, and the occasional chops-flaunting ballad will likely find something to enjoy. No matter where you stand, it’s still nice to see Rita bounce back after a self-imposed hiatus of sorts, asserting herself back into the landscape she once seemed poised to dominate.

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