[Music] Chance the Rapper Ft. TisaKorean & Murda Beatz – GRoCERIES

After a whole lot of speculation, Chance The Rapper recently claimed on Twitter that his new album would be coming in July. Thus far, we don’t know anything about it — whether it’ll be the long-promised Kanye West collaboration, or whether Chance will be taking some new aesthetic direction. Recently, Chance has been releasing singles in tiny bundles, and those singles have generally had the same bright and cheery aesthetic that Chance was using on his last album, 2016’s Coloring Book. But this morning, Chance has come out with a new single, a relatively effortless new jam that also seems like an adjustment, a possible attempt to catch up today’s roiling and internet-driven rap climate.

The new track “GRoCERIES” is a team-up with TisaKorean, a charismatic dance-rapper from Houston who’s had a lot of viral success in the past few months. Together, they link up over a track from the Canadian hitmaking producer Murda Beatz and the Travis Scott collaborator Felix Leone. It’s a loose, playful song, with Chance and TisaKorean doing similar stop-start singsong flows.

Chance remains in his nostalgic element throughout the song, rapping about bringing groceries home from the store and throwing in references to beloved childhood totems: “Make me feel like ‘I choose you’ like I’m Ash / Take me to the box, Bandicoot, let me crash.” But when he’s working over a seismic and immediate trap beat, Chance never sounds as cutesy as he might over a clean gospel sample. Check it out below.




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