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The 10 Best Free Music Apps

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If you love to hear music but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, take advantage of the following apps:


One of the most popular music streaming services in the world, Spotify has more than 30 million tracks in its library. You will be able to listen to music for free on shuffle. The only downside is that you will have to sit through advertisements. However, you can always go for the paid services.


An internet-radio style app, this app will allow you to revisit old favourites and discover new ones. All you need to do is enter the name of an artist, a song or a genre so that Pandora can make a station for you. Pandora recognises your tastes the more you listen to music on the app.

iHeart Radio

A part of the iHeartMedia group, iHeart Radio has control more than 850 channels all liver the United States. You will be able to listen to songs and even make your very own radio station. The app will keep track of your musical preferences. There will be no audio commercials to disturb you.

YouTube Music

YouTube recently launched its very own app to join the music streaming world. YouTube Music resembles Spotify in more ways than one. You will be able to search for particular songs and listen to your favourite playlists. YouTube Music is free, but you will have to sit through some ads.


If you are someone who loves to discover and enjoy new music, then you will love SoundCloud. You may not find your favorite music tracks on the app, but you will be able to listen to new independent artists. The app will begin to recommend songs based on your taste once you start using the app often.

Tune In

For people who love listening to the radio on their smartphones, the TuneIn mobile app is an exciting option. You will be able to listen to the radio, podcasts, and songs. There are almost 120,000 radio stations available on the app. You can also search for particular artists and songs.

Slacker Radio

If you are looking for an Internet radio service, then Slacker Radio is a great choice. The app will allow you to listen to online radio and explore a variety of genres. You will be able to fine-tune the station so that the app can understand what you like and what you dislike. The free version is supported by ads.


This app will allow you to stream music without having to create a user account. You will be able to access pre-made stations and adjust the audio stream quality. There are a large number of genres to go through. Keep track of the songs you love without any hassle.

Google Play Music

This app will allow you to choose particular genres so that you can get personalised music recommendations. Moreover, you will also have the flexibility to upload your own music collection. Access your account from multiple devices. Play songs in shuffle mode or make custom playlists!


This app allows you to play the audio in YouTube videos even when you have the app minimised. Track the trending and top songs, and listen to them without ads.

Listen away!

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