The entertaining NBA Slam Dunk Contests

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest, first held in 1984, has become one of the most anticipated events of the NBA All-Star Weekend. The website provides betting on these kinds of entertaining events too.

Conceived as a showcase for the league’s most athletic and creative players, the contest has seen numerous innovations and unforgettable moments over the decades. The inaugural contest, won by Larry Nance, set the stage for future competitions, emphasizing not only the height of the leap but also the style and creativity of the dunk. There is great betting provided by 1xBet, which can also be made on great basketball legends.

Some notable performances

Throughout the years, several players have become legends due to their performances in the Slam Dunk Contest. Notably, Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins, who both participated in the epic 1988 contest, are often credited with elevating the event’s prestige. Jordan’s iconic free-throw line dunk, which earned him a perfect score of 50, is still celebrated today. You can always watch live basketball now with 1xBet, where the best performances can also be enjoyed.


The contest has produced numerous memorable moments and statistics. Michael Jordan, with his 2 victories in 1987 and 1988, holds a special place in Slam Dunk Contest history. Another standout is Vince Carter, whose performance in 2000 is frequently cited as the greatest of all time. Carter’s array of dunks, including the 360 windmill and the honey dip (elbow in the rim), earned him scores of 50 on nearly every attempt. There is a chance to watch live basketball through 1xBet now, and see what other great legends of this sport are capable of doing.

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An evolving competition

Over the years, the format of the contest has evolved. Initially, each participant had to complete three dunks in the final round. In more recent years, the format has included multiple rounds with various creative elements, such as props and celebrity judges. Besides basketball wagers, there is also any esport bet that can be made through the 1xBet platform too.


In terms of numbers, the highest score ever achieved in a single contest is 200, which has been reached multiple times. Some of the names who have been able to do that include:


  • Zach LaVine;
  • Aaron Gordon;
  • and Derrick Jones Jr.


In summary, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest remains a beloved event, celebrated for its blend of athleticism, artistry, and showmanship. The contest continues to evolve, reflecting changes in the sport and the growing influence of digital media, ensuring its place as a highlight of the NBA season. Another highlight is any bet on esports that can be found at the 1xBet platform, which are really rewarding.



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