VOTE ”HON. Kingsley Chigozie Amadi” ~ ISUREMEMDY 2019

I KINGSLEY AMADI, A native of Umuduru Amandugba in ISU L.G.A Imo State is on a mission, Journey, Transformation Agenda to put Smile on the face of the entire ISU State Constituency and broadly IMO state generally,
I stand on this Honourable platform of my Transformation Agenda which I termed ISUREMEDY 2019 to let all know these…

  1. – The entire ISU deserves a well constructed road for easy and stress-free movement.
  2. -The entire ISU State Constituency deserves functioning industries which will enhance the status of our communities by creating jobs/employment for the entire ISU state Constituency.
  3. – ISU State Constituency deserves effective and quality education in a conducive Learning environment.
  4. – Provision of Health Centers to facilitate, assure and administer sound Health to the entire ISU state Constituency.
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I gladly want let the entire People of ISU State Constituency know that it is a duty to accomplish all these stated above and i promise to put all to reality and assure you many more to come to existence in all communities in ISU state Constituency if I am elected to IMO HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY 2019.

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