Isaac Chinagorom – Take Me With You

Listen to a New Song By Isaac Chinagorom – Take Me With You.

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What could be more NOSTALGIC???
Forty ( 40) years ago he represented our dear country as Nigeria’s WORLD BEST DANCER.
The Buhari/ Idiagbo administration made a lot of promises if he came back victorious. And Sure he went, bearing the Nigerian Flag and did make our Country proud.
His name is Isaac Chinagorom.
Flying back to his country, young Isaac had a lot of hope. Alas! The Military government that bid him good bye had been overthrown!!
Young Isaac Chinagorom of Nwangel LGA, Imo State flew back to Lagos, and to Imo state unsung!!
Sounds sadly NOSTALGIC, isn’t it?
Opinions abound however that if government is a continuum, this hero can still be Received by our governments, even 40 years after.

Oouuuh…. ‘Marcia Griffiths’ Electric Boogie’: I won a major dance competition (The John Player Disco Dance Competition), against the likes of Isaac Chinagorom and Charles Horpst in 1984; however, the former went on to win at the National finals and infact, represented Africa and Nigeria, at ‘The Malibu World Dancing Championship’ in London, same year- 1984; he ‘excellently’ got the 2nd position out of 600 contestants, from the whole world… (but he’s been forgotten and abandoned by NIGERIA

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Isaac Chinagorom – Take Me With You MP3 Download Audio.