Top 5 Apple gadgets for 2020 -Today we’re taking a peek at what’s coming up in the year 2020 from Apple. This is the company that made the most popular tablet in the world, the best-selling smart earbuds in the world, and the most ubiquitous name in smartphones – unless you count Android. What’ve they got up their sleeve for the year 2020? While we’ll only know for sure when Apple reveals their products at big events, we’ve got a pack of very likely rumors that show some products to which you’ll want to pay attention!

Note, before we go on, that this is not a comprehensive list of all rumored Apple products for the year 2020. Apple could well release a new desktop – but that’s not appeared in likely release rumors any time lately. It would seem more likely that we’ll get some new MacBooks and a bunch of mobile products instead.

5. Over-ear headphones
They’ll probably work with bluetooth, and they’ll probably aim to capitalize on the massive success of the AirPods, but more like Beats. Better take that market segment before someone else does first… right? This is different from the Beats Solo Pro… but probably not by much.

4. Another MacBook Pro 16-inch
A new set of MacBook Pro models are rumored for the year 2020 with mini-LED displays. This new mini-LED tech will likely allow for a thinner design than the otherwise most-recent MacBook Pro. The displays will also likely allow for a lighter design – albeit not particularly sizably different from before – with a battery that’d be the same or larger than the last design.

3. iPhone 12
Every year we get a new iPhone, and 2020 is no exception. In the year 2020 we’ll likely get a new some new camera AI tech that we learned about in mid-December – that’ll make the iPhone 12 more interesting than the otherwise newest model. Or it might be a phone that’s exciting because of a change so slight as a slightly larger battery. Or some big changes to scheduling could be in order – that’d be a real shock.

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2. iPad Pro 2020
In either glass or metal, we’ll likely see a pair of new iPad Pro models by the time April rolls in. It’s quite likely we’ll get two new iPad Pro models, one with a 12.9-inch display, the other with an 11-inch display. Both models have no buttons up front, one power button up top, and a pair of volume buttons.

Both versions have the newest versions of back-facing camera arrays, complete with three camera lenses. They’ll likely have the abilities of the iPhones released in 2019 – with a few extra abilities for good measure. And they’ll have flat sides – precious flat sides, like the most classic iPhone design of all time, iPhone 4!

1. iPhone SE (2020)
What’ll the next “affordable” iPhone be called – other than iPhone SE 2? Given the positioning of the iPhone 11 as a replacement for iPhone XR and the fact that iPhone XR has been the best selling smartphone model globally, every single quarter, since Q4 2018, it might not be an iPhone SE we’re looking for. It might be another “R”.

No matter what the device is called, it’s a positive move, Apple creating more smartphones that are “affordable” enough for the average person to buy. We called iPhone XR a compelling compromise – what’ll we call the iPhone XR’s true replacement? We’ll likely see what’s next from Apple’s iPhone collection in September of 2020!

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